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At the Coffee Bar

To the professionals of the coffee bar and restoration sector, Kimbo offers a variety of high quality blends whose flavour is enhanced by preparing the coffee with the professional machines : the result is a creamy espresso that is sweet, rich and aromatic, to be consumed on its own or with other ingredients to satisfy a variety of tastes.

Kimbo Espresso Integrity Rainfosrest AllianceKimbo Espresso DecaffeinatoKimbo Espresso Bar Superior BlendKimbo Espresso Bar PremiumKimbo Espresso Bar Extra CreamKimbo Espresso Bar ExtremeKimbo Espresso Bar PrestigeKimbo Espresso Bar Top FlavourKimbo Espresso Elite Gran Gourmet 	 Kimbo Espresso Elite 100% Arabica Top SelectionKimbo Espresso Elite Limitted Edition

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