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World of Coffee

Green coffee, with an annual production of around 6.5 million tons, over eighty exporting countries, millions of people employed in its growing and harvesting, and with two futures markets, is, after petroleum, the second largest commodity traded on the international markets.
At the Caffè Kimbo processing plant, right from the time of purchasing, green coffee is not seen as a mere commodity, but as a unique and rare product: the attention is constantly focussed on the production of high quality blends, in compliance with the glorious, long-famed Neapolitan tradition in coffee.
Each stage of the production (roasting, blending, grinding) must contribute to creating excellent coffee, which in the cup should be creamy, full-bodied, sweet with a hint of chocolate, strongly aromatic and with a well-balanced flavour.
With the same basic philosophy, but remaining faithful to the values on which it was founded, the company looks to the future, ready to widen its horizons and accept the new challenges the market brings, monitoring the evolution in consumer tastes.

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